How to Clean A Pocket Watch Correctly

Colibri pocket watch
Colibri pocket watch

Mechanical watch like your Colibri watch need proper maintenance, consisting of cleaning the tiny mechanical parts. After all, you depend on it and use it daily. You’ll know you have to have your watch cleaned if you have actually been utilizing it for 3 or 5 years currently and it is no longer as glossy as the very first day you purchased it. If cleaning up the watch is a problem since you do not have any idea ways to go about it, these suggestions will show you the way:

  • If the product manual provides reader-friendly directions, follow it to the letter. But if you feel you ‘d rather get professional service, do so. A professional should do the cleaning of the small mechanisms inside your Colibri pocket watch; they have the tools and the experience to do it.
  • Don’t try to use any cleaning or lubricating options unless suggested by the watch producer.
  • Do not attempt to clean the watch with a soft-bristled brush with soap and water, unless your pocket watch is water resistant as much as 10, 15, or 20 BAR. If your watch is simply marked water resistant it merely means it can hold up against splashes of water or raindrops only and shouldn’t be soaked at all.
  • If it’s waterproofed, utilize a soft-bristle brush and gently brush the surface of the watch. Instantly however thoroughly, dry it with a lint-free fabric.

Cleaning up a Pocket Watch Job Costs

If you take your watch to the “cleaners”, ask about their cleansing approaches. Proper cleaning includes disassembling the pocket watch, not just the dip and dry approach. They charge less than $50 for dismantled cleaning. This will not do good for your pocket watch, or for those antique engraved pocket watches.

An American watchmaker or cleaner will disassemble your watch – eliminate the pivots, bearings, pinions, gems, and teeth. These are carefully checked for any abnormalities prior to these are cleaned with an ultrasonic bath and passed through a three-stage rinse and heat dried. Sensitive parts are hand-cleaned with the correct solutions. After reassembly, the watch is oiled and adjusted to the existing time. This approach will cost you about $100, but worth it.

Caring for Your Pocket Watch

Understanding ways to secure your pocket watch from damage helps keep it going for years. Here’s how you can prolong the life of your pocket watch:

  • When winding your watch, pluck the knobs carefully.
  • Wind the clock at a routine recognized time.
  • When keeping it, wipe it with a clean dry fabric prior to encasing in its box.
  • Keep it away from humid conditions.
  • Keep it out of water.
  • Follow the watch handbook for proper care and maintenance.
  • When mailing your watch to an expert watch service, enclose it in a bubble wrap before stuffing it into a boxed padded with Styrofoam or paper.

Your pocket watch should not be sidelined just because you have no idea ways to clean it. Anyhow, it will take another 3 or 5 years elapsing until the next visit to the “watch cleaners“. Until then, take good care of it.