Tips For Maintaining & Keeping Your Washing Machine Clean

washing machine overloadHere are some suggestions for you to use when using your washing machine everyday:

Always sort the laundry

Follow the wash code signs on each garment label and the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Sort the laundry as follows: whites, colors, synthetics, delicates, woolens.

Remember to pick temperature levels correctly for material

Set temperature to 90″ for typically stained white cottons and linen (tea fabric, towels, table linen, sheets). Set temperature to 60″ for usually stained, color quick garments (t-shirts, night dress) in linen, cotton or synthetics fibers and for lightly stained white cotton (underclothing). Set temperature level between 30″ -40″ for combined laundry consisting of synthetic fibers and woolens. Set temperature to cold for delicate items (net curtains).

Check your laundry before filling.

Never wash whites and coloreds together! Whites may lose their “brightness” in the wash. New colored products might run in the first wash; they should for that reason be cleaned independently he very first time. Make sure that no metal item are left in the laundry (e.g hairpin, security pins, pins). Button up pillowcases, close zip fastener, hooks and props. Connect any belts or long tapes. Deal with drapes with special care. Get rid of hooks or connect them up in a bag or internet. Remove relentless discolorations before washing. Rub specific stained locations with a special cleaning agent or detergent paste.

Last but not least, always note your washers max load capability.

Samsung washing machines have a various load capacities. SO take a look the recommended loads of your device. In basic rules: cotton, linen will load drum full however nit too tightly loaded; synthetics will pack drum no greater than half full; fragile fabrics and woolens will load drums no more than one 3rd full. Cleaning a maximum load makes the most efficient usage of water and energy. For greatly stained laundry, lower the load size.